A while back Sam produced this concept artwork for the film 'Filth' as part of some sort of design competition.
Good film, worth a watch if you haven't seen it. Based on the book written by scot, Irvine Welsh, the same author of the book of everybodys cult favourite, 'Trainspotting', was based.
     Quite a dark but comical film, the main theme being corrupt police officers (well, officer) acting according to his own personal motives, generally abusing the power in trusted to him along with colleagues and members of the public alike. You see the downfall of a drunk corrupt Scottish officer (James McAvoy), things get weird and the twist at the end even weirder.
     Even with the film being in general fairly dark, perhaps the producers felt Sam's pig skull faces were a bit too morbid for the potential viewers. Shame, I thought it was much better than McAvoy riding a pig in a bobbys uniform.